At High Five® we’re built to perform for our customers...

From the way our uniforms are designed to the way our order process delivers amazing value at blazing speed. We’re never satisfied with just setting the bar – we’re out to raise it. Then raise it again. How can we perform for your team?



Three trusted brands. One simple source.

Augusta Sportswear, Inc. is proud to announce plans to bring all three of our trusted brands under one roof. Starting January 2018, we will be your exclusive source for all your favorite Augusta Sportwear®, Holloway®, and High Five® products.

One Experience

It's simpler and faster than ever to purchase from all three brands, thanks to our new streamlined shopping experience.

Earn Free Shipping

By purchasing across all three brands, it's easier than ever to earn free shipping on orders of $200 or more.

Even More Savings

With consolidated ordering, you can take advantage of our incredible 5% volume discount on orders of $3,000 or more.