Transition Builder – FAQ’s

Why did the builder change?

Some of the functionality of our current builder changed as we prepare to launch the next generation design experience.

How did the builder change?

For a brief period the existing builder will not show the image of your garment online as you make your design selections.

How does my design experience change?

As you make design choices they will be recorded as design specifications and displayed as text online. You will not see a real-time visual. When you save your design the Augusta art team will be notified to create an art proof. You need to approve the art proof in order to start production.

Why do I need an art proof?

Your order is important and every detail matters. The art proof provides a visual representation of what will be made in production. Please review the proof and make sure everything is correct before approving.

How long will it take to receive an art proof?

If your design uses our design line templates, the Augusta art team will email your art proof within 1 business day. As soon as you approve this art proof and request an order Augusta will start production. If your design is completely custom, the art proof may take up to 2 business days.

Did the lead times change?

No – all lead times remain the same. Lead times start as soon as you approve your art proof. Please plan a few extra days for this process.

Can I still retrieve a saved design?

Sure! You’ll see all the same information EXCEPT the online visual. You can click on the design specification link to review your design choices as text. If you want to re-order the same design with new roster details or if you want to start a new design based on the retrieved one, please follow the process described under “how does my design experience change.”

Will finished garment styles still ship in 5 days?

Yes – they will ship 5 days after the art proof is approved.

How long will the sublimation builder be this way?

This interruption will be brief and definitely worth the wait as we redesign the sublimation experience.

Will you let me know when the new builder is ready?

Definitely! If you currently receive Augusta Sportswear emails you’ll know as soon as the new builder launches. If you don’t already get emails, you can register on Be the first to know!

Can I make changes after I’ve placed my order?

Unfortunately you cannot make changes after placing an order. Production starts immediately so we can get product shipped as quickly as possible. If you forgot a player or need additional garments, simply contact and place a re-order with the quantities you need.

Did the Russell Athletic builder change also?

No. The Russell Athletic builder remains the same. Soon, however, Russell Athletic styles will be added to the new next generation builder.